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19 December 2008
I'm sure most people reading this blog will have heard about the litigation brought by Hasbro against Scrabulous (a.k.a Lexulous). If not, it was on the news, where have you been? Well, the latest update is that a settlement has been reached. Lexulous, and by association, Wordscraper, have modified the rules of the game to be different enough from the Scrabble rules. So the lawyers are all happy now, or at least will be once the cheques have cleared. Hoorah!

We have been keeping up with changes to ensure our users can benefit from using Scrabulizer with the customisable "Lexulous" rules. For a while now you have been able to setup your own board layouts, tile scores, tile distribution and since last week we also support 8 letter racks. For those using our Wordscraper plug-in, there is a new version (v1.0.2) that you should update to in order to get all the new feature benefits. Otherwise you will find it all by clicking the "Game Design" button.

To follow the Lexulous rules, our scoring continues to give a 50 point bonus for using 7 rack tiles, plus an extra 10 points for using 8. At least until they change their minds again.

Finally, may we wish you all a merry Christmas and new year, and we hope you play lots of Scrabble over the holidays :)


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