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29 September 2011
We have received a lot of interest in Scrabulizer's potential to analyse other word games such as hangman, specifically Zynga's popular derivation of Hangman called Hanging With Friends.

Scrabulizer can now help you solve and select words for Hangman and Hanging With Friends.

Use our Hangman Solver to find the missing letters. Enter the pattern, and what letters you have already tried and Scrabulizer will report on the probability of each remaining letter and possible words.

Use our Hangman Word Selector to choose words for your opponent to solve. Enter the letters you have available to make a word out of, and Scrabulizer will tell you all the possible words, and how difficult they are to guess.

Hangman involves revealing a hidden word by guessing its letters in as few attempts as possible. The usual approach is to start by guessing the vowels, they're pretty common after all. If you can know all the possible remaining words, and therefore all the remaining letters, it is possible to cheat the system by using the most likely letters first and solving the word quickly. Right? - Well, usually yes.

This is where strategy comes in. When choosing a word for your opponent to reveal, you want to pick a word that is going to take them many failed attempts. This means choosing obscure words with statistically unlikely letters. Suddenly the better strategy for picking letters is to pick the least common letters.
Eventually, as players gauge the strategy of their opponent, they adjust their own selection criteria until neither opponent has an advantage. So use these tools wisely and you might just cheat the system.