Hangman Word Selector

The classic game of Hangman has received the Scrabulizer treatment!

Use our Word Selector to find words which are statistically unlikely, making them harder to guess by normal means.

Enter what letters you would like in the word:

This is particularly useful if playing Hanging With Friends where you have a limited alphabet available:

Click "Select Words" to see the list of possible words

Words are listed along with, and ordered by, their statistical improbability. The least probable words are listed first.


The difficulty of the word is a measure of how many guesses it takes to solve. The guessing strategy used is one that always picks the most statistically likely next letter.

If your opponent becomes aware that you are choosing words based on their letter probability, then they can adjust their strategy to choose the least probable letters and these improbable words suddenly become very easy to guess. At this point it is better to choose more probable words.

Both players can learn their opponents strategy and adjust their own accordingly, eventually achieving Nash equilibrium.

Use our Hangman Word Solver to find letters based on their statistical probability.