For help choosing a game design or dictionary, please see our Designs and Dictionaries pages.

With most game design and dictionary combinations, the results can be sorted by score or by their stategic value. Please see our Playing Strategically page for more information.

If you are playing Lexulous, Words With Friends or Wordscraper on Facebook or email games on and you use the desktop versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can import your games into Scrabulizer using our Scrabulizer Importer browser extension.

If you are looking for help playing our Puzzles, please see our puzzle Rules, Tips and Examples page.

Frequently asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. We also update our Twitter page when there are problems that are affecting many of our users.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please send us a message.

Q) Which browsers does Scrabulizer work best with on Android devices?

A) We've found that Scrabulizer works best in the Google Chrome and Opera browsers on Android. These browsers can be installed from the Play Store:

Q) I am using a Samsung Android phone or tablet (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy) and I cannot enter tiles onto the board or rack. How can I fix this problem?

A) Certain versions of the Samsung Keyboard appear to be incompatible with Scrabulizer. If you are encountering this problem we suggest using the Google Keyboard on your device instead.

Google Keyboard can be installed for free from the Play Store. Once installed, you'll need to select the keyboard. On most Galaxy devices you can switch keyboard on the fly. You can also select a keyboard through the language and input settings.

Q) Why can't I delete a game or game design, or clear the board using the Google Search App on my iPhone or iPad?

A) There is a bug in the Google Search iOS App that is preventing games and game designs from being deleted, and stopping the clear board button from working. This is only affecting certain models of iPhone and iPad.

If this issue is affecting you, then we would suggest trying Scrabulizer with Safari instead of the Google Search App.

Q) How do you add a blank tile?

A) A blank tile can be added to the rack as a space, using the space bar. You can also indicate that a tile on the board was a blank by selecting the tile and pressing the space bar. This can be important as a blank tile on the board will affect the scoring.

Q) How can I customize the board, rack length and tile scores to match those of the game I am playing?

A) You can set your own bonus squares by pressing the number keys with a board square selected. For example, pressing 2 will cycle between a double letter and double word score. To clear a bonus, press 1.

Click on the "Game Design" tab to customize the tile scores and distributions and change the number of tiles on the rack.

Q) Can I import a game I am playing into Scrabulizer?

A) Yes, if you are playing Lexulous, Words With Friends or Wordscraper on Facebook or Lexulous email games on, you can import your game using our Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Q) How do you calculate the strategic value of a move?

A) We use various methods to evaluate each move, giving a higher value to moves that are most likely to lead to a win. For more information please read our page about strategy.

Q) Why isn't the strategy evaluator always available?

A) Our strategy evaluator knows how to play using English and French. However, it doesn't yet know Dutch or Italian. If you select a Dutch or Italian dictionary, the strategy evaluator will be disabled.

Q) Who is behind Scrabulizer?

A) Scrabulizer was created in 2005 by Dave Wood, a Scrabble enthusiast and software engineer. Popularity for the site grew, and it was relaunched in 2007 to add the features that everyone had been asking for. We continue on that basis, trying to provide a quality service for our users, and of course make them really good at Scrabble :)

Credit also goes to Philip Ross for on-going features and support and Robin Corps for some of the site design.

Q) Are you not spoiling the game?

A) Nobody has ever actually asked us this question but the answer is we certainly hope not. Although clearly an easy route for cheating, the site is also a tool for learning, practicing and enjoying Scrabble. Our puzzles offer a unique twist and we hope to encourage people to play the game more.

Q) I have another question for you. Can I contact you?

A) Please feel free to drop us a message. We love hearing from you.