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Farewell Scrabulous, Hello Wordscraper and Plugins!

3 September 2008

I hope most people will agree with me that Scrabulous has done wonderful things for Scrabble, and despite it's numerous short-comings, the fact is people loved it, so it's a real shame that it's been forced out of Facebook. But this isn't the end of Scrabble online!

You can still play the official Mattel/Hasbro Scrabble applications on Facebook, but if this feels too much like treachery, then you can play Scrabulous on their official site or the replacement Facebook application, Wordscraper, from the same people who brought you Scrabulous. We've even written a plugin which lets you import your games from Wordscraper directly into Scrabulizer so no more tedious board setups!

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