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Mobile Future

4 January 2010
We've been receiving a lot of interest about whether a Scrabulizer mobile application will be made available, in particular for the iPhone. The answer is that we're working on it.

We want to give you something that you'll really enjoy using, and we know that nobody likes the often tedious task of entering letters into the board. That is why we gave you the Firefox plugin. So for the iPhone we're doing something a bit special. We have created a technology to read a Scrabble board from a camera, similar to how cameras read vehicle registration plates. The idea is that you'll be able to enter your Scrabble board simply by taking a photo of it using the phone's built-in camera.

We've now started to build an iPhone application around this technology, and the good news is that it has been designed to work on almost any phone, so we hope to eventually release versions for other phones too.

It's too early to be able to suggest when it may be available, but we'll likely run beta testing prior to public release. If you're interested in updates, or being a beta tester then keep an eye on our new Twitter feed for previews and early news.