Scrabulizer now supports Wordfeud games

6 October 2010

Many of you have been asking, so we've now added support for Wordfeud to the site. This means that you can now use Scrabulizer to find the best scoring moves for your Wordfeud games without having to customize the board and rules yourself.

To solve (or cheat at!) a Wordfeud game, just select the Wordfeud option from the drop-down list of designs above the board and then pick TWL or SOWPODS as the dictionary (only English Wordfeud games are supported at present - use TWL for American English and SOWPODS for international English). If you would like to make Wordfeud your default design, you can do so by editing your profile.

Scrabulizer now supports six different games: Lexulous, Literati, Wordfeud, Words with Friends, Wordscraper as well as regular Scrabble. Please do get in touch if you would like to see any more added. If there is a game that we don't yet support, or you just want to change the rules, you can also pick the Custom design option.

Finally, we would just like to thank Sassmo and Nate who helped gather all the information we needed to define the Wordfeud rules.


plinkochip at 20:17 on 25 October 2010

Does this mean an Android app is coming :-)

artwitstick at 05:33 on 27 October 2010

need a posting of wordfeud rules

tjharvick at 20:02 on 5 February 2011

Why does it only show A and B for any letter I try typing into the boxes?

Adminphilr at 23:00 on 5 February 2011

@tjharvick I can see you've successfully saved a couple of games since posting your comment. If you are still encountering any difficulties, please contact us using the form at

sensory at 23:46 on 23 February 2011

An Android app would be excellent, is there any chance of us seeing this?

8cepwr at 20:59 on 17 June 2011

How about Scrabulizer Importer For Google Chrome?

I Just Checked It Out today.

Adminphilr at 21:44 on 17 June 2011

We do have a Scrabulizer Importer extension for Google Chrome, which can be used to import Lexulous and Wordscraper games.

You can install it from

shugababy1 at 20:35 on 24 May 2012

How do i use this during game

Adminphilr at 22:57 on 24 May 2012

@shugababy1 Further information about using Scrabulizer with Wordfeud games can be found at

jayjayjakobsen at 15:43 on 7 July 2012

Will there be a version with DANISH in the future?

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