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Record for the Highest Scoring Scrabble Move

22 May 2008

Those of you who play our puzzles may already know of "asmit" as the name at the top of many of our leader boards. Asmit, real name Arian Smit, clearly knows a thing or two about Scrabble, and he's been investigating a question for us that many players have pondered: "What is the highest possible scoring Scrabble move?"

What follows is Arian's findings, and how in a single move you can score a whopping 2044 points!

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Prosperous Cheaters?

18 March 2008
Online Scrabble has been a hot topic ever since Scrabulous came to Facebook and became a massive hit, currently boasting 700,000 active daily users! With any game there will always be people looking for a way to cheat, and sites created specifically for cheating started to spring up.

Scrabulizer was created a couple of years before this revolution started, and was actually designed to solve Scrabble puzzles like those you find in newspapers and magazines rather than for cheating in real games. The dawning of Scrabulous meant Scrabulizer's popularity grew a lot, even getting press in national newspapers. For good or bad, Scrabulizer was becoming a haven for the Scrabble cheat and the site changed accordingly, becoming even more cheat-tastic by adding game saving, and strategy analysis.

We try to encourage everyone to play fair, and like to offer more than just a cheat site, by including extra goodies like puzzles. It's a great tool for learning and practicing Scrabble, as well as for improving your vocabulary, not just for cheating.

So do Scrabble cheaters ever prosper? Answers on the back of a stamped address envelope, or posted in the comments below.