Scrabulizer Importer for Google Chrome

3 October 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Scrabulizer Importer extension for Google Chrome. We've had a Firefox extension available for some time that lets you import your Lexulous and Wordscraper games, saving you the pain of having to enter games yourself. If you use Google Chrome you can now import your games too.

You can install the extension by visiting our Google Chrome download page and following the easy instructions. Once installed, a Scrabulizer icon will appear in the Chrome address bar when you are playing Lexulous and Wordscraper games on Facebook and email games. Click on the icon to import the game into Scrabulizer.

If you don't already have Chrome installed, you can download it for free from Google.


cecco at 11:50 on 16 April 2011

i love this game

8cepwr at 20:55 on 17 June 2011

Awsomest Game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8cepwr at 05:06 on 30 June 2011

Yes. It Is

jcipriani at 13:03 on 29 March 2012

Thanks; Words With Friends is way more fun now that nobody needs to know any actual words or strategy!

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