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4 June 2010

It's taken a long time, but we finally have version 1.0.0 of Scrabulizer for the iPhone released. It was accepted by Apple last night and is available right now!

We made the decision to cut back on some of the features in this preliminary version. The idea is to get a really good application delivered now, rather than keep you waiting for the bells and whistles, which we can roll-out later. For this reason, some of the features we've mentioned before, such as optical recognition, aren't enabled as they're just not quite polished enough. We will continue to develop these additional features, and as usual, keep an eye on the twitter feed for more up to date info.

We hope you like it!


Aurora! at 06:55 on 7 June 2010

Please release this for Android ASAP! Thanks!

maaria at 22:16 on 8 July 2010

Isn't this cheating since many people using this app during tournament??

markyr17 at 18:19 on 8 August 2010

What I would like to see is a way to swap between the iPhone version and the web version. IE logging into your scrabulizer account on the iPhone and it syncing the games together.

binarypower at 03:51 on 25 August 2010

When will the Android version be available?

duga at 17:21 on 2 September 2010

Android ftw

jferrari at 18:06 on 24 October 2010

+1 for android

nhmonroe at 15:26 on 11 November 2010


Aurora! at 07:51 on 12 November 2010

Please, please, please, don't ignore us Android users!

truffin2007 at 23:01 on 12 January 2011

Just droppin' one more for the Android people.

wadazi at 06:22 on 23 January 2011


garthflatfoot at 19:50 on 1 February 2011

Android, android, android, android.

gtr053 at 21:27 on 18 February 2011

ANDROID NOW!!! It shouldn't take long seeing as you've got most of the code done. Now just port it to Android already, please.

julianwarren2 at 13:44 on 24 February 2011

Another request for android

skidog326 at 20:29 on 7 March 2011

+1 for android!! :)

nichos at 17:25 on 8 March 2011

Android has a larger market share than iPhone now. *wink, wink*

micheleholley at 17:42 on 11 March 2011

LOVE it! I just wish it synched with the website.

agopal692 at 04:11 on 14 March 2011

android version??

Admindave at 11:08 on 14 March 2011

Lot of Android love! An Android version is indeed on the way. Subscribe to the twitter feed @Scrabulizer to keep updated on progress.

NightRavyn23 at 23:28 on 21 March 2011

Android version would be nice !

rondinelle at 02:28 on 2 April 2011

Looking forward to Android version! Thanks dave...

lynnrww at 04:03 on 3 April 2011

do you have an for the ipad?

Adminphilr at 13:43 on 3 April 2011

@lynnrww We don't have an app specifically for the iPad, but you can use our iPhone app on the iPad. Just search for Scrabulizer in the app store and you should see it in the list of iPhone apps.

JordanFair at 14:44 on 12 May 2011

Is there an approximate release date for the Android version?

janushpoha at 16:31 on 18 May 2011

release it for the droid!

crkinard at 06:38 on 23 May 2011

Wow. If this is not shady I don't know what is.

Break the website so it does not work on iPhones so we have to buy your $2 app. Really classy.

Admindave at 12:21 on 23 May 2011

@ckinard We have not made any changes to degrade the website usability on iPhone. Quite the opposite in fact. We always ensure the website is compatible with major mobile platforms.

Averz1030 at 17:14 on 9 June 2011

I can't believe u scrabulizer. I was playing wwf and I went to put a REALLY good word that got me 36 points but I wanted to see if that word was on ur app. But when I did so the word was not on there so I just thought that it probably wasn't a word. I tried it anyway and got of course 36 points so I am very disappointed that u do not try to get the best words o the scrabulizer app

Averz1030 at 17:16 on 9 June 2011


Adminphilr at 20:19 on 9 June 2011

@Averz1030 Scrabulizer will always give you either the top scoring or best strategic moves depending on the sort option you have selected.

If you let us know what the word you thought should have appeared was, we can investigate. Having the wrong dictionary selected is the most common cause of seeing differences between the words Scrabulizer shows and the game accepts is (you'll need to use the ENABLE dictionary for Words With Friends). It is also worth checking that you have the correct game design selected for Words With Friends and the board and rack have been entered correctly.

ICUDoc at 23:57 on 14 July 2011

With today's update of Words with Friends - Scrabulizer cannot import the board on iPhone.

Adminphilr at 00:05 on 15 July 2011

@ICUDoc We have submitted a new version of the Scrabulizer app to Apple for review (they have to approve all app changes). This new version will fix the issues introduced by the Words with Friends update.

Apple usually approve updates within 10 days. Once approved, the new version of the Scrabulizer app will be available as a free update from the app store.

siefer at 10:56 on 30 July 2011

Another wanting this on android please

wordfeudking at 05:40 on 1 August 2011

Philr any news on the ANDROID version????

Schaapje82 at 09:40 on 11 October 2011

Wanting android too!

ZimbiX at 12:05 on 30 January 2012

As many others have requested, this app would be great on Android - There are now more Android devices in use than iPhones!
I'd offer to help you write it for Android, but I'm in the process of learning how to do so for my game, PathFinder

WACOMalt at 21:53 on 12 March 2012

Android :)

nothingbeforeus at 10:08 on 16 March 2012

How's the progress on the Android app coming? Do we have a release date yet?

kender42 at 02:55 on 12 April 2012

Android version please

jmorri2010 at 13:45 on 3 June 2012

I know you've probably been asked this many times before but I was wondering if you were going to develop an android port for scrabulizer, even a web page pull up interface(such as what the "blockbuster express" app uses) would be better than having to open browser each time.
I am using a rooted Samsung Stratosphere and its very ram limited.
(379mb total ram with usually around 40mb-60mb free up to 110mb free but that's at the far end of the spectrum and not the norm once the low memory killer runs and it's triggered at around 30mbish it will kill pretty much all other apps that are running besides the one you have open unless your unlucky and it kills the app your in too)
The built "browser" app it self chews so much memory that my game will quit due to low memory and when I say chews memory we are talking that browser uses 50-70mb, alternative internet browser apps aren't any better though.
It's a fault with both my and many other android smart phones especially the entry level smart phones. unfortunately it's also one of the few droid phones with a slide out keyboard which I need in order to prevent fat fingering the keys and swype doesn't make things better as it uses 27mb of ram on average.
if there was an app or a direct web-load app to the page(ie like "blockbuster express") that would be much preferable to browser since there are other limitations in browser when trying to use scrabulizer such as the inability to change direction of typing on the board, having the screen lock to the last typed letter making it impossible to view/ click anywhere else on the page,having swype replace the letter you were trying to type with what it thinks you should be typing and then when you go to change it some times you can overwrite it like you do on the pc/regular version sometimes your able to only delete it but when you delete a letter off the board or off of the rack it has a tendency to also delete the letter before the one you were trying to fix thus deleting 2 letters and making it harder to get everything the way it should be.

jandv46 at 05:44 on 29 August 2012

why would you want this for android....or even iphone? I mean it can be helpful as long as you're just using the "score" option when getting solutions (though I still think it's cheating). If you try to cheat using this on "value" you will NEVER win against any skilled player. I have no idea how it uses the factors to assign value to their words but it's seriously defective. I tested it myself just to experiment. Try it for yourself and see how it leaves you wide open. It's a joke. Just use your own brains people.

marlenee at 01:10 on 6 December 2014

What are you expecting to develope this useful tool for Spanish languaje on Angry Words? }-D

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