Lexulous and Wordscraper

2 June 2009

As many of you will know, our Firefox extension lets you import your Lexulous and Wordscraper games in to Scrabulizer. The extension supports the Facebook versions of Lexulous and Wordscraper in addition to the Lexulous.com play by email games.

However, if you don't use Firefox or want to use Scrabulizer with the Lexulous live game, then you've been stuck with entering the bonuses and tile scores manually. Help is now at hand - next time you go to Scrabulizer you'll see a Load Game Design drop down box allowing you to change to a Lexulous or standard Wordscraper layout. You can also set your preferred game design by editing your profile.

If you have your own custom design that you'd like to reuse in a new game, then you can now do this using saved games. In the list of saved games you'll now see a Use Design link under each game. Click this to load in just the design from the game without the tiles on the board and rack.


isthatsomike at 16:43 on 10 November 2009

I was wondering; it seems as if after I created the words with friends board for myself that the site has saved this for all users. If this is correct, might I get an honorable mention? Michael Dewey Blankenship of MichaelDeweyBlankenship.com

Adminphilr at 23:03 on 10 November 2009

@isthatsomike We manually add the designs you see in the drop-down on the front page. Adding Words with Friends was suggested to us by @clawhatesyou.

If anyone has any more suggestions for game designs you'd like included, then please do let us know.

Landnest at 16:28 on 11 May 2010

-- Popotomo --

19x19 board, "-10" spaces around the outside edge, 1 point letters, new letter count squared per word, 6 - 16 tile rack, unlimited words per turn.

honeybee99 at 03:35 on 11 February 2012

Willl you ever have it workon KindleFire

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