Farewell Scrabulous, Hello Wordscraper and Plugins!

3 September 2008

I hope most people will agree with me that Scrabulous has done wonderful things for Scrabble, and despite it's numerous short-comings, the fact is people loved it, so it's a real shame that it's been forced out of Facebook. But this isn't the end of Scrabble online!

You can still play the official Mattel/Hasbro Scrabble applications on Facebook, but if this feels too much like treachery, then you can play Scrabulous on their official site or the replacement Facebook application, Wordscraper, from the same people who brought you Scrabulous. We've even written a plugin which lets you import your games from Wordscraper directly into Scrabulizer so no more tedious board setups!

Wordscraper builds on what you recognise as Scrabble, but lets you define the rules. You can place the bonus squares where you want them, and you decide what each letter should be worth and how many there should be. You could define the rules to be exactly like Scrabble, but any similarity would be purely co-incidental of course!

To accommodate all Wordscraper players, we have added the same custom rules setup to Scrabulizer. A new "Game Design" button gives you access to the new features. You can also set custom bonus squares by pressing the number keys repeatedly with the board square selected.

All of these custom rules means it takes longer to setup the game in Scrabulizer, which is why we created a plugin to do it all for you. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then you can make use of our Scrabulizer Importer Plugin that turns the task of setting up the entire game into a single click.


smuks at 09:19 on 14 December 2008

on another note, cant seem to see game design being saved in addition to board position and rack position in scrabulizer when game is saved.

Adminphilr at 12:32 on 14 December 2008

Hi smuks,

A bug got introduced in our last update to the site that was preventing game designs from being loading in Internet Explorer.

We've now fixed this issue. If you try to open your saved games now you should see that your game designs are now loaded correctly.

Thanks for letting us know.



ElremWolrab at 00:43 on 7 July 2011

Hi Phil:
The Words with Friends Board needs one little enhancement to improve its appearance - a pretty little star for the center square - it would look nice and help to facilitate the positioning of the tiles for the first play. I hope you agree.

Adminphilr at 19:58 on 7 July 2011

@ElremWolrab For consistency between the different game designs available on Scrabulizer, we currently only show a star in the centre square when it acts as a double-word bonus. The centre square of the Words With Friends board isn't a bonus, so this is why it shows up as a regular tile on Scrabulizer.

We'll probably have a look at making a different style starred tile for use as the centre square for designs that don't have a double-word bonus in the centre.

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