Smaller Boards, Words With Friends Fast Play & Word Chums

10 January 2016

We've just rolled out a few changes to the website:

  • Smaller boards. You can now change the size of the board using the Game Design tab. All sizes between 3x3 and 15x15 are supported. Take a look at My Designs to get started creating your own design using a custom sized board.
  • Bingos for using any number of tiles. Previously, it was only possible to set bingos for using 7 or 8 tiles. You can now set a bingo points bonus for using any number of tiles.
  • Sort by tiles used. In addition to the Score and Value options, you can now sort moves by the number of tiles used. This can be useful towards the end of a game where you are already in the lead and are trying to find a way to use all your tiles and finish the game.
  • Words With Friends Fast Play and Word Chums. We've added support for Words With Friends Fast Play and Word Chums. You can select these games using the Design option located above the board. For Words With Friends Fast Play, we'd recommend also selecting the ENABLE dictionary. For Word Chums, you'll want to select ENABLE2K.

You may notice that the name of the Angry Words design option has been changed to Aworded (since the game was renamed). The Droid Words and WordWise game apps are no longer available, so we've also removed these design options.


gerald at 05:01 on 10 December 2018

Love it! Thank you.

boydbower at 12:56 on 29 April 2020

Any chance of making a Super Scrabble board, or expanding the ability to create a custom board to handle 21x21 grid sizes?

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