15 October 2012

A new update to the Scrabulizer app for iOS has been approved by Apple and is now available in the app store. Amongst other changes, this version adds iPhone 5 support, but most noticeably, the app has been renamed Lexalizer.

This change has come at the request of Hasbro Inc, who have also requested that we remove the TWL and OSPD dictionaries. We fortunately have plenty of other, more complete dictionaries for you to choose from, so you shouldn't notice much of a change.


John_vM at 18:18 on 23 February 2013

Why/how is Hasbro Inc. able to dictate which dictionaries you utilize? The OSPD dictionary is the defacto standard used in all North American tournaments! It is almost impossible, and not practical, to use Scrabulizer for serious game study and/or practice for tournaments! Or is there a dictionary choice available that is identical? Can a "custom" dictionary be imported/used in conjunction with Scrabulizer ?

Adminphilr at 20:02 on 23 February 2013

Hasbro own the copyright for the OSPD dictionary.

None of the other dictionaries on the site are identical to OSPD. I'm afraid that it isn't possible to define your own custom dictionary.

John_vM at 15:35 on 28 February 2013

How about including the OCTWL? I can't see that as being copyrighted.

FROM http://www.scrabblepages.com/scrabble/dictionary; "The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary is not the official book used at sanctioned tournaments in North America. Tournaments generally use a document known as the Official Club and Tournament Word List. The OCTWL is used at tournaments in the United States, Canada, Israel and Thailand."

Adminphilr at 20:16 on 28 February 2013

Thank you for you suggestion. However, the Official Tournament and Club Word List is just the full name for dictionary commonly known as TWL.

Hasbro own the copyright for both TWL and OSPD.

captaino at 18:46 on 1 January 2015

Why hasn't the update making this workable on the iphone 6 been finished yet. I purchased this app and have been waiting over a month for it to read the screenshots correctly.

Judycutuli at 22:26 on 8 January 2015

Is there an update for Lexizer in the works? Just curious. If not, do you suggest we delete the app and use Scabulizer instead? Thanks. JudyC52

Admindave at 22:44 on 8 January 2015

An update is expected very soon. It's been sent to Apple for approval and we hope to have it available for download next week.

DejMar at 03:18 on 26 January 2016

It is a false notion the Hasbro owns the copyright to the word list. It is only a claim, and one they would have much difficulty, in not impossible, to prove in court. They do own the trademarked name - Scrabble - and the copyright to material published that directly uses that name or a form that is so closely similar that one may mistake such as being from the owners of the name. It is this reason that Lexulous had to adopt their newer name.
The problem with the word list is applying a name to it that is not under trademark or copyright. The composition of the word list is not owned by any of those who produce games that utilize it. It belongs to society as a whole.

VINTISARI at 16:19 on 19 December 2023

Will you include the new french ODS9 from Jan. 2024? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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