DroidWords, Wordsmith, WordWise and YAWL

24 January 2011

We've just added support for three new games and one dictionary to the site. You can now use Scrabulizer for your DroidWords (Android), Wordsmith (Android) and WordWise (iPhone and Android) games. Wordsmith uses "Yet Another Word List" (YAWL) for its dictionary, so we've added that too.

To use one of these new games (or any of the other existing designs), just select it, along with the dictionary, using the options above the Scrabulizer board. You can also set your default game design and dictionary by editing your profile.

We'll be releasing an update to our iPhone app soon to add support for the new games and dictionary. If there are any other games or dictionaries you'd like to see added please get in touch.


Nubinet at 19:46 on 24 February 2011

An Android version of the Scrabulizer application would be awesome! Either that or a mobile version of the web application! xD

Whrstoto at 18:06 on 26 February 2011

I would love to see an android app!! Anything in the works for that??

Moejoker at 21:10 on 28 February 2011

Your Droidwords map does not match the app unfortunately. eg
d1 should be 2l, as is A4

Adminphilr at 21:42 on 28 February 2011

@Moejoker Thanks for letting us know. We've now corrected the DroidWords board layout.

AyJay at 06:47 on 1 March 2011

Android app? Please?

Aurora! at 19:42 on 3 March 2011

We seriously still need an Android app...

mandrake at 22:24 on 5 March 2011

please please please make an android version

cruzm07 at 01:04 on 13 March 2011

All of these people posting for an android version makes me worried at how many people I play that cheat. I guess since I cheat sometimes too it's ok though. It's just funny

joannt10300 at 16:34 on 7 April 2011

Android app please...my sister is kicking my butt with her Iphone...lol
Don't remember her being that smart!

beeware at 09:13 on 10 April 2011

how can i add extra rows for the design?

Adminphilr at 23:11 on 11 April 2011

@beeware Scrabulizer only supports a 15 by 15 board at the moment, so you can't add extra rows.

m.e.bason at 22:52 on 12 April 2011

So is there any chance that scrabulizer will be coming out with an extension to import from the actual Scrabble app on facebook?

cuvee490 at 02:05 on 28 May 2011

Agreed an android app would be awesome, and would save me the frustration of using the web version from my phone.

necrovamp at 17:48 on 23 September 2011

need a droid one, i'd def buy

danos75 at 11:46 on 29 September 2011

where can i find the correct amount of tile and tile per letter for words by post for HTC wp7

Adminphilr at 12:42 on 29 September 2011

@danos75 We've not yet found a list of tile counts and scores for Words By Post. If you play a game through to the end, you can check the scores and count up all the tiles (just remember that at the end of the game, the losing player will still have one or more tiles on their rack).

THEMANFZ1 at 20:24 on 24 November 2011

Great program! I use it when I suspect my opponent is cheating. This chick gets over 60 point words almost every go, I knew she was cheating and using more than just a word find. She must be using this site because as soon as I found it, bam my word points and word structure on the board was matching hers. What a cheating C**T! But then again I cheated to beat her so that puts me in the same category I suppose. In any event Great program. I also agree that a android app would be great.

Shakyray at 03:32 on 29 December 2011


Goony at 00:29 on 1 January 2012

Droid please!!!!!!

rscredo at 16:21 on 17 April 2012

Wordsmith uses YAWL word list. My opponent played KI, but the solver here doesn't allow KI. Please update, I can forward to you the screenshot of my Wordsmith game if required.

Adminphilr at 19:10 on 17 April 2012

@rscredo KI isn't actually in the YAWL word list. According to a post on the Wordsmith mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/wordsmithgame/msg/70b98047a9d2546e), Wordsmith is now using 'a modified version of the YAWL word list'.

We'll have a look and see if we can find the complete set of modifications and get them added to Scrabulizer.

NesB at 18:02 on 14 March 2013

What about Fightin Words ??

Adminphilr at 21:44 on 14 March 2013

@NesB You can create your own Fightin' Words design on Scrabulizer. To do this, go to http://www.scrabulizer.com/game_designs and click on the 'Create a new game design' link. You can then enter the bonus layout (using the numbers 1-5 on the keboard) and the scoring information (using the Game Design tab on the right). Once complete, you can save the design for use in your games.

Please note that Scrabulizer isn't able to support Fightin' Words POW tiles (http://apps.interworks.com/fightinwords/what-is-the-pow-tile/) at this time.

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