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17 September 2010
Version 2.0.0 of the iPhone application is now available on the App Store, and as a free update to those who have already purchased it.

This latest version introduces the much awaited image recognition, to let you load a game straight from an image, in particular screenshots taken of another application.

So far we have had some really positive feedback. We are continuing to refine this technology, and hope to extend it much further. To do this we need lots of sample images, so that we can train Scrabulizer to better read the images.

We'd like to thank those of you who have submitted images to us to help with this training process. Most of the images we are unable to recognise are coming from devices we don't have available for testing, or applications not available to us due to geography. These images are really helpful, so thank you.

If you have any images that it hasn't recognised properly, such as getting a letter wrong, you can send them to us by visiting http://www.scrabulizer.com/osr/submission and we'll include them in our training too.


rickkcir at 21:45 on 20 September 2010

Just realized you have this function... A w e s o m e ! Worked great for me!

rickkcir at 21:47 on 20 September 2010

One thought... why not have the option to save games from the iphone? This way .. you could do it via Web from 'home' .. and on the iphone.. .. utilizing the same account?

defgrip at 23:24 on 20 September 2010

everytime i try to load a picture on the app it crashes.

Adminphilr at 23:33 on 20 September 2010

@rickkcir We're working on adding synchronization of saved games between the website and iPhone app. We'll make an announcement on the blog when its ready.

Adminphilr at 23:41 on 20 September 2010

@defgrip It is possible your phone is running out of memory (particularly if you are trying to load a large image).

To help us work out the cause, could you tell us what Apple device you are running (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod Touch, iPad, etc) and send us an image that is causing the problem. To send the image, please first go to http://www.scrabulizer.com/static/contact_us and send us a message. If you reply to the confirmation email you get sent and attach your image, we'll be able to take a look.

It'd also be helpful if you could sync your phone with iTunes. When you do this the phone will send a report to Apple. We can then take a look at the report and hopefully see what went wrong.

defgrip at 01:18 on 21 September 2010

im running a 3g iphone. i will send a picture of the images.. it's all the images i screen shot from words with friends

scrabble987 at 00:57 on 15 April 2011

Can I make a suggestion for the IPhone app, when scrabulizer is importing from an image, that it deletes the image once it is loaded or an option in the settings for people to choose if it does. Great app though!!

Admindave at 17:31 on 16 April 2011

@scrabble987 iPhone apps aren't allowed to delete images, or automatically pick an image (such as most recently captured), although I agree it would be a nice feature.

benlawsonphoto at 18:56 on 16 June 2011

Any chance on getting an Android version? PLEEEEEZE!?

sid34dawg at 17:18 on 27 July 2011

App for Android please!!

rameeti at 18:57 on 28 August 2011

It would be nice if we had an option to avoid the "Unsaved Changes' dialog. I always have to press 'Yes' that I want to continue as I don't save my games in Scrabulizer. I'd just like to go straight from the Camera icon,then skipping the New Grab button, (still doing my selection of the most recent taken pic), skipping the Load button, skipping the Do you want to save?, and even skipping the Solve button. Am I asking too much? ;-)

Admindave at 12:29 on 30 August 2011

Thank you for your considered comments @rameeti. We will discuss your suggestions and possibly include them in a future release.

Salaki at 20:46 on 8 September 2011

Would be great if there was an app for android aswell :)

erikpaul at 15:43 on 30 September 2011

would like to have a version for android aswell.
Lots of friends play on android phones.

Hanskraaijeveld at 15:56 on 25 November 2011

I second all the requests for an android version!

windycorner at 11:25 on 5 January 2012

There are more Android users that iPhone - please can we have an Android app? Thanks!

akula4711 at 16:07 on 8 January 2012

I would also like to vote for an Android version. I would definitely buy it. :)

jmorri2010 at 13:46 on 3 June 2012

I know you've probably been asked this many times before but I was wondering if you were going to develop an android port for scrabulizer, even a web page pull up interface(such as what the "blockbuster express" app uses) would be better than having to open browser each time.
I am using a rooted Samsung Stratosphere and its very ram limited.
(379mb total ram with usually around 40mb-60mb free up to 110mb free but that's at the far end of the spectrum and not the norm once the low memory killer runs and it's triggered at around 30mbish it will kill pretty much all other apps that are running besides the one you have open unless your unlucky and it kills the app your in too)
The built "browser" app it self chews so much memory that my game will quit due to low memory and when I say chews memory we are talking that browser uses 50-70mb, alternative internet browser apps aren't any better though.
It's a fault with both my and many other android smart phones especially the entry level smart phones. unfortunately it's also one of the few droid phones with a slide out keyboard which I need in order to prevent fat fingering the keys and swype doesn't make things better as it uses 27mb of ram on average.
if there was an app or a direct web-load app to the page(ie like "blockbuster express") that would be much preferable to browser since there are other limitations in browser when trying to use scrabulizer such as the inability to change direction of typing on the board, having the screen lock to the last typed letter making it impossible to view/ click anywhere else on the page,having swype replace the letter you were trying to type with what it thinks you should be typing and then when you go to change it some times you can overwrite it like you do on the pc/regular version sometimes your able to only delete it but when you delete a letter off the board or off of the rack it has a tendency to also delete the letter before the one you were trying to fix thus deleting 2 letters and making it harder to get everything the way it should be.

I'll post this in the blog as well and I would be happy to test anything that you guys develop I am an admin on the website www.gameguardian.net and have alpha/beta tested gameguardian (a memory mod tool to search and replace values in games ie coins gold health etc) for months now I do know how to perform a dump of running memory for debug purposes as well via adb /terminal on either usb and or from within my phone
thanks for your time and consideration
Joe M

suzynicks at 03:38 on 24 March 2013

if Ive missed a few hands, how do I delte the rack letters, cuz they've changed?

suzynicks at 03:39 on 24 March 2013

what the... I'm not asking for anroid.. pls help lol

suzynicks at 03:44 on 24 March 2013

should be a button on the page...standard

suzynicks at 03:45 on 24 March 2013

your help would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Adminphilr at 08:54 on 24 March 2013

@suzynicks If you are entering your own game (which you can do by going to http://www.scrabulizer.com), then you can delete rack tiles by clicking on the rack and using the backspace key on the keyboard. You can also click on the bin/trash can button next to the rack to clear all the tiles.

If you are playing one of our puzzles (from http://www.scrabulizer.com/puzzles), then you can't alter the rack. Please see http://www.scrabulizer.com/static/puzzle_howto for more information about the puzzles.

galaxia78 at 07:25 on 21 January 2020

Can you tell me when ods8 will be up to date on your site. Indeed, this dictionary has been applied since 01/01/2020 and it is still not on your lists. Has anyone ever asked this question? Thank you for your help.
Best regards.

madammlm at 16:59 on 28 October 2020

I'm in the late stage of my 2nd game and suddenly for the last 3 moves my game is not being saved. There is a notation for "Contact Us" but no link or other contact information. How can I contact you about this problem?

pdcampus at 03:07 on 10 September 2022

unable to locate scrabulizer app on appstore. Whats app’s name on iphone ?

Adminphilr at 19:26 on 10 September 2022

I'm afraid that the app is no longer available.

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