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13 March 2008
Hello Everybody!

We always like to hear from you, and we thought that just maybe you'd like to hear from us, so we've started a blog!

First thing to mention is the re-branding that many of you will have noticed. We are now Scrabulizer! The old name will continue to work, although you will have to log in again if you had asked to be remembered.

Second, we've taken this opportunity to add lots of goodies that you've been asking us for, such as:

  • Strategy analysis - We have included a sophisticated move evaluator which gives a value to each move according to how tactically beneficial it will be. Tests have shown that playing the most tactical move gives on average a 75% win rate over playing the highest scoring move.
  • Multi-lingual support - We have added a French dictionary that uses French scrabble scoring rules, and we will be adding more languages soon.
  • Game dictionaries - As well as setting your preferred dictionary in your profile, you can now set a different dictionary to use for each game, which will be remembered when you save the game.
  • Bag inspection - A popular request. See what tiles are left in the bag.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the kind people at Bluhalo and Centric IT for their support and tolerance in helping host the site, and to everyone who donates to help keep the site running.

There is also a new Scrabulizer Facebook page that we invite you all to join.

Happy scrabble solving scrabulizing!

- The Scrabulizer team.


mslizart at 17:57 on 14 March 2008

I love being able to have different dictionaries saved with the games!

mags7 at 01:04 on 15 March 2008

well done it is much better now

lazy_prodigy at 03:55 on 15 March 2008

Nice! at 15:07 on 16 March 2008

Well done guys. Some great additions. I'm looking forward to putting them all through their paces.

ixous at 17:50 on 17 March 2008

Bag inspection is a great addition, but there is no accounting for opponents using blank tiles, is there?

Admindave at 18:04 on 17 March 2008

Good question - If you or an opponent has used a blank in one of your moves, then you can indicate it on the board by pressing the space bar with the square selected. This is always worth doing because a blank is worth 0 and it will change the score of any move using that tile.

EdwardCollins at 12:58 on 5 April 2008

It's Saturday morning, 5:57 am...

I discovered this site yesterday afternoon and... I'm not kidding... I've been working on the puzzles for the past 14 consecutive hours.


Admindave at 09:29 on 9 April 2008

That's pretty hard core! You seem to be doing well though.

Remember, if you enjoy the puzzles you can select from your profile to be emailed when a new one is published. I know you already have Edward, and you'll be getting news of a new puzzle later today.

The far Tall Knight at 21:20 on 11 April 2008

absolutely fantastic I'm unstoppable/unbeatable now, don't fully understand the different dictionaries though

The far Tall Knight at 16:49 on 25 April 2008

OK got the differences in the dictionary sussed

willkat at 09:52 on 11 July 2008

The solutions are not coming up. Why? willkat

TomatoQueen at 23:01 on 2 September 2008

Didn't know where else to put this but a BIG thank you for the new feature!

signmeup at 22:38 on 18 February 2009

This works with Lexulous on Facebook and can import it from there but not from Any reason why?

Adminphilr at 23:33 on 18 February 2009

@signmeup We have started work adding support for importing email games to our Firefox extension. This should be ready for release soon.

Adminphilr at 13:41 on 23 February 2009

@signmeup We've just released version 1.2.0 of the Firefox extension. This includes support for importing email games.

svfox69 at 08:47 on 12 August 2009

Nice board. People still don't know about Lexulous.

jackpatton at 01:33 on 2 September 2010

how do you implement the value sort option. I have changed it in my preferences and it is grayed out on the scrabulizer board. I tried logging out and logging back in. No joy. -- jim

Adminphilr at 20:22 on 2 September 2010

@jackpatton Are you using the standard layout or an alternative or custom design? The sort by value option is only available for the standard game.

jackpatton at 19:27 on 3 September 2010

I am using standard lexulous. I guess that answers it, it is for scrabble only?

Adminphilr at 20:30 on 3 September 2010

@jackpatton Yes, sort by value only works for the regular Scrabble layout and rules.

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