Words With Friends

Find the best moves for (or cheat at!) your Words With Friends games with Scrabulizer. Using our strategic scoring system, Scrabulizer can find you the moves that are more likely to win you the game in addition to those that score the most points.

Start entering a new Words With Friends game, using either the WWF English or WWF English (Old) dictionaries.

Words With Friends can be played on:

Scrabulizer also supports solving Words With Friends Fast Play games.


We recommend selecting the WWF English dictionary option in Scrabulizer for most English language Words With Friends games.

If you are using an old version of the app or playing on Facebook (which often lags behind on dictionary updates) then the WWF English (Old) dictionary option may be preferable.

Prior to the combining of the US and British English dictionaries in March 2019, the ENABLE dictionary option was recommended.

Scrabulizer Importer Browser Extension

If you play Words With Friends on Facebook using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can save yourself the trouble of manually entering your games and import them automatically using our Scrabulizer Importer browser extension.

The Scrabulizer Importer extension will add an icon to your browser's address bar when you open a game in Words With Friends on Facebook. Click on the icon and your game will be automatically loaded into Scrabulizer.